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Artist Statement

A lifelong fascination and study of myth, fairy tales and ancient religious artifacts are the major influences in my artwork. I believe that in our urge to tell stories we seek to give order and meaning to our lives, explain natural phenomena and understand the human condition.

Goldsmith techniques and metalwork lay the foundation for my visual artwork, while the carving of natural materials such as bone and antler is very satisfying. I feel a greater connection to storytelling when I use these materials. I am reminded that life is tenuous and fragile, yet the human spirit is strong.

In today’s technologically driven society it is important to me to use my hands, my heart and my mind to create singular objects that serve the human inclination to adorn our person and our environment  with objects of meaning and beauty.

I feel honoured to have had the privilege of creating art and music for a living for over three decades.

It is absolutely mandatory that I enjoy myself in the creative process and it is my sincere desire that you should have some fun as well in your viewing! Enjoy the journey, may it be radical, magical, heroic

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